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Framework for action West Sussex

The West Sussex Affordable Energy Partnership have launched the: West Sussex Fuel Poverty Framework for action 2021-2026

The Framework was launched on Friday 3rd December to coincide with NEA’s Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2021.

To work towards a West Sussex where residents have the information, resources and support available so they can afford to keep warm and well in their homes.

1. To support and empower residents to improve household energy efficiency reduce their energy costs, and increase income.
2. Identify and support residents in the greatest need, and at most risk of living in a cold home.

A Framework for Action across West Sussex 2015 – 2018

Reducing fuel poverty can improve many aspects in people’s lives, including enabling them to keep as warm as they need to, which will help maintain their health and wellbeing.

Fuel poverty is not just one agency’s responsibility; it therefore requires a partnership approach to both identify vulnerable households and provide possible approaches to enable them to live healthier lives with minimal support. This Framework for Action draws upon current evidence, explains what fuel poverty is, what influences it and who it typically affects. It will also outline local plans of action, intervention and governance structures that contribute to positive partnership working across West Sussex.


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