Advice in your area

Find energy advice in your district.

Saving energy and money at home

Energy can be very costly. Let us show you how you can cut down on those monthly bills.

Frontline worker information

Find worker resources, applications forms and further guidance.

Energy price rise help

Help with energy price rises.

Heating your home

Advice on heating your home efficiently.

Heating and insulation grants

Local and National heating and insulations grants.

Frontline worker information

Referring a client for home energy support, what is fuel poverty, prevention and local action.

Save energy and save money at home

Although there is a lot we can do to help reduce wasted energy, many people turn down their heating. This can put their health at risk, or some may disconnect from their energy, afraid of the cost. If you are worried about the cost of your bill it is important to speak to someone – help is available.

Low carbon - looking to the future

Further information on renewable energy technologies

Advice in your area

There are a range of support services you maybe able to access that can help you manage your home energy and utility bills. This ranges from National priority schemes for customers who may have extra needs, local support services to grants in your area and national energy efficiency programmes.

Home Upgrade Grant (HUG)

The new Home Upgrade Grant (HUG funding for homes without a gas boiler) scheme is open for applications from 4 May 2022.

Heating your home

Heating system advice

In most households in England, half the money spent on fuel bills goes on heating and hot water.

Improving the efficiency of your heating and hot water system can help save money. 

Help! I live in a cold home

Living in a cold, damp home can seriously impact on people’s health and mental wellbeing.

No one should be suffering in the cold at home, help is available. 

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